UPDATE 20-01-2008


All additions, changes, new identifications, corrections are entered in bold                                  The list:  ./variableslist.htm  Note: this file might not display properly in Netscape

(but not all small corrections have been put in bold).

I did find some unclear errors in some of the entered publications, see the remarks for details in the database.

568 new records were added to the total of 3389 records.

The database now includes IBVS 5400-5811, OEJV 1-78, JAAVS0 32-49, PZ25,1-27,8 and the PZP6,1-7,31

No new variables were added from the Journal of the AAVSO because none were published.


Any questions, let me know :  gertho @ xs4all.nl (skip the blanks)



                                                                                                            UPDATE 18-03-2007


All additions, changes, new identifications, corrections are entered in bold                                  The list:  ./variableslist.htm  Note: this file might not display properly in Netscape

I did not find any errors in the publications this time.

262 new records were added to the total of 2821 records, which contains data for 2538 variables.

The database now includes IBVS 5400-5758, OEJV 1-61, JAAVS0 32-49, PZ25,1-26,4 and the PZP6,1-7,7


Any questions, let me know :  gertho @ xs4all.nl (skip the blanks)




New variables list.                                                                                UPDATE: 15/09/06

Trying to find new variables in all the new online variable star publications can be quite a challenge. Trying to find out if a variable was already published is a nightmare. Every author and journal have developed their own ways of presenting data, some of them more comprehensive (and comprehensible) than others.

Because I had been working on integrating the new variable star catalogues like ASAS and old ones like the GCVS, I wanted to have some insight in the new variables that had already been published but not designated yet. This would also include NSV stars.

To do this, a systematic method was necessary. I chose to identify all the new variables based on the GSC1.2 catalogue, which is used quite a lot in several of the online publications.

Also for all the variables the coordinates were tracked down, based on the data in the publications. This was sometimes difficult because even for HD catalogue stars, the coordinates can be quite inaccurate. In a few cases coordinates could only be retrieved by using Simbad.

Information on new, undesignated variables was collected from the current available online variable star publications:


Information bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS) numbers 5400-5700

                        Numbers 5611, 5713, 5719, 5724 have been added (new)

Open European Journal on Variable Stars (OEJV) numbers 1-38

Numbers 43,45,47,48 have been added (new)

Journal of the AAVSO (JAAVSO) 32-34

Russian Variable Stars Journal “Peremennye Zvjezd” (PZ) 25,2

and its supplement (PZP) numbers 6.1 – 6.17

                        PZP number 6.19, 6.20 have been added (new)


The database focuses on coordinates and GSC 1.2 numbers. For stars that do not have this designation from this catalogue, data from other catalogues were used.

For some variables the identity could not be established unambiguously.

All checks with current databases and catalogues were done with Vizier.

Most of the columns will be self explanatory. The content of the columns in the publications was simply copied into this database in most cases.

The second column denotes the occurrence of the same variable in other publications. The numbers in this column denote IBVS issue numbers. This was only possible by using this list, otherwise it would have lasted an eternity to do that.


Identities and coordinates have been extensively checked and crosschecked. It resulted in the following error list:


IBVS 5425      Wils/Dvorak                 1RXS J0950391.1-053029 should be 1RXS J095039.1-


IBVS 5431      Maciewjski et al           RA for GSC 1473 1049  135353.5 should be 135313.8

IBVS 5455      Garcia-Lastra et al        DE for GSC 4709 1250 -001805.4 should be -011805.4

IBVS 5457      Wils                             Position given for NSV 3611 is position of UW Men


IBVS 5458      Greaves/Wils                GSC 0449 0455 should be 0449 0456

IBVS 5458      Greaves/Wils                Zero for JD in Epoch should be 2450000 instead of


IBVS 5489      Greaves et al                GSC 7758 1126 should be GSC 7758 1162 (corrected)

IBVS 5500      Various                        Star nr. 5 GSC 3328 0163 should be GSC 6328 0136

IBVS 5512      Wils/Greaves                Position of NSVS 4289086 is not GSC 3346-0820 but

2MASS 04303350+4804426 (new).

IBVS 5532      Otero                           NSV 14532, HD 214505 should be SAO 214505

IBVS 5586      Otero et al                    GSC 9277 1033 Hip number 80022 should be 80222

IBVS 5586      Otero et al                    GSC 8959 0532 should be GSC 1859 0532 (corrected)

IBVS 5607      Hauessler et al              NSV 10478 USNO-A2.0 0900-12232376 should be

0900-12232367 (new)

IBVS 5700      Various                        Star nr. 44 GSC 4207 1658 should be 4433 1658

IBVS 5713      Diethelm                       GSC 2613 3432 does not exist, should probably be GSC

2613 1412, seeing as ref. IBVS 5306 (new)

JAAVSO34     Davis                            LCG51 is GSC 2264 1366 instead of 2664 1366

JAAVSO34     Davis                            LCD23 DE should be +352620 instead of  +252620


JAAVSO34     Davis                            LCF07 RA should be 225926 instead of 225956 (this is

pending confirmation by author Don Davis) (new)

OEJV35           Nicholson                     NSV 236 should be NSV 326


Remark “IBVS 5532 Otero GSC 9322 0006 should be GSC 9322 0016” was wrong, thanks to Sebastian for clarifying this.

Remark on IBVS 5699 Star nr. 15 NSVS link is wrong, this is the link for star nr. 14: has now been corrected


The recently published 78th Namelist was consulted for the variables in this list as well. Only 408 of the total 2454 records in this list have received a designation in this namelist. The GCVS column presents the data from this namelist as well as some previous designated names.



-         Several publications were added, see above

-         Many typos were corrected

-         All new GCVS identifications from Namelist 78 were looked up the USNO-A2.0 and 2MASS catalogues and added to the list

-         Several new errors were found and added in the list


Concluding remarks:

-  I did not crosscheck the ASAS and NSVS identifications yet.

-  In many cases the ASAS data are based on blended GSC numbers. This is entered in the GSC column as GSC 3684 1954/1042 meaning that the light measurements in the ASAS data is a blend of GSC 3684 1954 and GSC 3684 1042.

-  The NSV identifications have been done a bit loosely by some authors. You may find the coordinates of several NSV stars being quite different from the ones on the GCVS website.

-  Undoubtedly I will have mistakes in this list. Please inform me about them:

gertho  @  xs4all.nl  (without the spaces)

- Thanks are due to Sebastian Otero, Andras Holl (IBVS) and Alex Golovin for pointing out several errors in my list.


Geert Hoogeveen